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32K views 03/11/2024 · SMUTRSquirt

Detective Cleaved tied and gagged by Swann

Swann is a domme and waits for her last customer of the day.  the fella arrives a bit late and mouthslips that he is dedective.  swann tightly cleavegags the dedeticte, ropes him to the chair, and ...

412 views 01/22/2024 ·

Leggings Ass Smother (Close-Up)

It's ass worship day for my slave and what better way to do that than sit on his face with leggings. i make my slave lay on the floor and plop my ass on his face. this clip features a close up view...

493 views 01/22/2024 ·

Double Domme Anal + Commands For Cuckie (with Goddess Charlie Cake)

Commands begin right off for cuckie from sitting in the corner with balls tied to being encouraged to fill their own slutty asshole! goddess charlie cake starts warming my ass up so easily.. i only...

510 views 01/22/2024 ·

LOSER BRAINED (no music)

Loser is coded to obey. loser only recognizes one trigger. sexy images disarm you, distract you. when your brain is distracted it can be fully emptied. an empty brain can be filled back up with new...

181 views 01/22/2024 ·


As you sit there, staring at your computer screen, you can't help but feel the burning shame that consumes you. you're a pathetic excuse for a man who can't even get his dick hard when he needs to....

357 views 01/22/2024 ·


Ai porn is going to ruin and takeover your fucking life and all you can do is accept it because you're a weak inferior beta male. you think you can resist the power of ai porn? think again. it's no...

360 views 01/22/2024 ·

Bustin' Your Balls!

It's time to dominate your useless appendage with lots of fun things like rubber bands, a shoelace, a spatula, some toothpaste, and my personal favorite, biofreeze! i will walk you through a list o...

237 views 01/22/2024 ·

A Year in Chastity for Goddess Nikki Kit

Want to know what spending a year in chastity for me will be like? i'll tell you. i’ll also give you some tasks to make this year more enjoyable. (this was a custom clip order!)   in this clip, i a...

151 views 01/22/2024 ·

Eat My Bulls Loads from Condoms: Humiliating Cuckold CEI - MP4 HD

You love being my cuckold, it has fulfilled all your fantasies. but there's one more thing i want you to do for me. you are going to be my cum eating cuckold. and i've prepared ahead and gathered 3...

286 views 01/22/2024 ·

Dolly Slut Shamed and Spanked by Stepdad MP4

Dolly's stepdad agrees to drive her safely to her friends and he calls for her to hurry up. she turns up dressed in very skimpy and highly inappropriate clothing that leaves nothing to the imaginat...

406 views 01/22/2024 ·

Football Trade Bait

It's football fever this weekend as the nfl playoffs are in full swing!   bella has no idea what she is in for,  her bf dan told her to go over to his older friend's keith's house and that's all sh...

320 views 01/22/2024 ·

Farting new actress teen, part 1, by Madame and Manu, (cam by Nicole Ramanoff) FULL HD

Madame américa, now a new actress, she is very sexy and beautiful, very hot too, and her farts are spectacular, manu brought her to fart on his face, to feel and see her farts, will manu like it? a...

199 views 01/22/2024 ·

DU wirst MEINE BLACKMAIL FOTZE $ Dein selbst bestimmtes Leben endet HIER

Du abgefuckter bastard hast schon al-les durch. was als pornosucht begann führte dich schnell zu findom und seitdem verwichst du jeden monat dein ganzes geld. doch nun ist schluss mit sinnfreiem ru...

210 views 01/22/2024 ·

Beta Brain Rinse

It's time for a brain drain. you will bend to my will. you'll realize what you are. a beta, begging for my attention. i am going to make you beg harder as you goon for me. use my markup codes to ge...

104 views 01/22/2024 ·

Kinky Trainer Humiliates Nude Client- Flavio and Taperedphysique

Flavio comes to taperedphysique for training not knowing what a kinky trainer tapered is. she has him do very uncomfortable stretches and lifts that expose and humiliate him! then she humiliates an...

146 views 01/22/2024 ·

Perfect feet in your life (4K, MP4)

Enjoy miss ramona's beautiful feet. she will make you bow to her feet during this video, you will not even understand how you turned into a pathetic worm or slug, she will definitely make you horny...

155 views 01/22/2024 ·

Public Autobahn Klo fuer Extremschweine

Welch eine perfekt widerliche öffentliche toilette für eine perverse extremsau wie dich! hier erwarten dich einige aufgaben welche du alle mit bravour erfüllen musst! what a perfect public toilet t...

165 views 01/22/2024 ·

Maria vs Kendra: Wedgie War - WMV

Maria jade vs kendra allure wedgie war what are these two beauties fighting about? and who wins? (panties are torn)

151 views 01/22/2024 ·

Maria vs Kendra: Wedgie War - MP4

Maria jade vs kendra allure wedgie war what are these two beauties fighting about? and who wins? (panties are torn)

95 views 01/22/2024 ·


Another workout to unfat yourself. after all, how can you properly worship if you’re fat & lazy? together we will workout and then once you’ve completed your slavercise, you will get a good boy tre...

243 views 01/22/2024 ·

Evil Red Mistress does a very hard handjob and ruins orgasm on a totally mummified slave MP4 version

The slave is totally encased in a bondage sack expect for nostrils, cock and nipples. mistress evil red is wearing pantyhose and very stinky gym slippers. mistress evil red puts slippers on slave '...

111 views 01/22/2024 ·

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