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Quietly Screaming my Pleasure

Sometimes i just want a nice orgasm, but i can't make too much noise or i'll get caught. i did my best to stifle the sounds i was making, but judging by the knocks at the end, it wasn't good enough...

40 views 01/21/2024 ·

Demonic Anal Temptation

[this was a custom request] you've been sticking to some rules this year. you were brought up as a good christian boy but, in recent years, you've become addicted to porn and sexual pleasure... so ...

91 views 01/20/2024 ·

First Time With Your Friend's Horny Older Sister

[this was a custom request] you're alone in the room that your best friend has provided you while you stay round his house. your friend is upstairs finishing some homework while his step-parents ma...

92 views 01/20/2024 ·

Teasing School Girl Double Crosses Muscular Legs

[this was a custom request] a girl in your class at school is complaining about the way that all the boys (and even some of the teachers!) keep staring at her. she hates being objectified by men so...

71 views 01/20/2024 ·

Step-Daughter's Reluctant Friend Comes Around

[this was a custom request] your step-daughter's friend is over after soccer practice... but you aren't aware of this fact until you walk into your step-daughter's bedroom with your cock out - only...

78 views 01/20/2024 ·

Little Discovers Orgasms, Then Can't Pee

[this was a custom request] this little has just started discovering how good her own body can feel. she strokes her body and pulls out her tits, talking about how her body is changing and that she...

56 views 01/20/2024 ·

Cruella de Vil Submits To Only You

[this was a custom request] cruella de vil is well known for being a powerful and cruel woman. so why does she, for some reason, have such a soft spot for you? you visit her in her mansion as you h...

58 views 01/20/2024 ·

Sex Demon Pounds You With Your Own Dick

[this was a custom request] you've been dancing with a gorgeous brunette at a nightclub all night and you really think you might have a chance with her, so you bring her back to your apartment. whe...

50 views 01/20/2024 ·

Cupid's Sabotage - Chef Squirts Cum Into Wifey's Lunch

Cupid's sabotage - day 5 - the chef (cupid has her eye on a married man who is affluent and does his best to care and provide for his wife. however, she sees that they have a hot chef working for t...

48 views 01/20/2024 ·

Cupid's Sabotage - Cute Kitty Cat Begs For Man Milk

Cupid's sabotage - day 4 - the cat (excitedly, cupid explains that her magic works, not only on humans, but on pets as well. she sees a man who lives alone with his cute little kitty cat... she wan...

56 views 01/20/2024 ·

Cupid's Sabotage - Lonely Builder Inserts Her Tools

Cupid's sabotage - day 1 - the builder. (cupid starts off her mischief when she finds a lonely woman working in the construction industry. though she works around many men every day, no man wants h...

46 views 01/20/2024 ·

Searching the buried treasure for sea men!


42 views 01/19/2024 ·

Little Step-sister Wants To Learn About Anal

[this was a custom request] your little step-sister calls you into her room late one night to confront you about the rumors she's heard flying around school. apparently, you've been buttfucking a b...

68 views 01/19/2024 ·

Sex Education With The Hot Babysitter

[this was a custom request] a slightly older neighborhood girl is babysitting you but you're super embarrassed because, in a recent trip to the park together, your overalls came undone and your but...

39 views 01/19/2024 ·

Crossing Streams With The Inked Babysitter

[this was a custom request] you walk in on your (very sexy) babysitter while she's on the toilet. she tells you to leave her alone while she's peeing but you explain that you really need to go too....

48 views 01/19/2024 ·

Oliver Twist Begs Sir For More Cum

Christmas countdown! - oliver twist - you're an affluent business man passing through a poverty ridden part of london at christmas time when a dirty little street girl approaches you asking for mon...

105 views 01/19/2024 ·

Bad Santa Wrecks Your Marriage

Christmas countdown! - bad santa - you have just moved to a new town and decide to take your wife and loved ones to the local mall to see santa. you're surprised when you arrive and there is no san...

43 views 01/19/2024 ·

I'm a sexy stocking stuffer!


41 views 01/19/2024 ·

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